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P.I.E. Transmissions, Inc.

Transmission Service and Auto Repair Shop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

P.I.E. Transmissions, Inc. is an Auto Repair and Auto Repair Shop that is situated in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. At P.I.E. Transmissions, Inc. we specialize in providing only first class transmission repair to our valued clients, because our highly skilled and trained transmission specialists are dedicated to providing nothing less than superior transmission service to everyone.

As the name suggests we are a transmission shop that specializes in transmission repairs; however, this doesn’t mean that we lack the skills and expertise needed to serve our customer in other areas.

When you take your vehicle in to P.I.E Transmission Inc you can take comfort in the fact that your vehicle is in good hands as auto repair shop is one of the most well equipped auto repair shops in the country. There is literally no task too great for our highly trained technical staff. This means that you will never have to leave our auto repair shop because we do not have the equipment needed to service your vehicle. Saving you time, money and of course unnecessary headaches.

To get more information about our services or to request an automotive repair estimate give us a call at: (717) 674-4760. 

At P.I.E Transmission Inc we offer the following services to our customers and potential customers:

3 Yr./100,000 MILE WARRANTY
...and much more

P.I.E. Transmissions, Inc. in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is one of the best equipped Auto Repair Shops in the country, providing car repair and automotive repair. Our Auto repair technicians are trained to handle comprehensive mechanical issues - Call Us (717) 674-4769.

For more information about our services, please call us at (717) 674-4769 or visit our Services Page
P.I.E. Transmissions, Inc.
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Harrisburg, PA 17112
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P.I.E. Transmissions, Inc.

Overall Rating 5.0

Joseph B. - Harrisburg, PA

Commendation GMC SonomaWrite your Complete Review here...Pravin, Todd, Jeff: Just want to pass on commendation on your work. Each one of you. My truck is running like a new truck with the new (used) motor you installed for me. I am grateful for your kind service and excellent mechanical abilities. Hope all is well with each one of you and will stop in sometime to see you.PIE transmissions - Good shop, recommend to anyone.

- on Jan, 23 2013

Naomi H. - Harrisburg, PA

"Fantastic service"P.I.E. Transmissions is the best auto repair shop in HARRISBURG area. Their service was excellent for repairing my transmission at a great price. I would recommend this shop to any one.

- on Apr, 19 2011

Jack S. - Harrisburg, PA

"Excellent service"This is my first time to call your company because I have a problem with my radiator, from start to finish, all I can say that was the nicest service that I encountered. Their technician was very knowledgeable and well experienced. I highly recommend P.I.E. Transmissions to any one.

- on Apr, 14 2011

Isobel L. - Harrisburg, PA

"Great job"Awesome service!! They repair my radiator in just an hour, everything looks good and I'm very satisfied with the service rendered. I am definitely recommending your company to my relatives.

- on Apr, 13 2011

Harrison S. - Harrisburg, PA

"Wonderful service"Wonderful service!! At first I have second though with your company for repairing my radiator, but right now I’m relieved because of your promptness and well experienced technician. Definitely I well recommend P.I.E. Transmissions to my friends.

- on Apr, 13 2011

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